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5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring the Best Executive Fleet

With the growing issues and challenges in the world of business travel, it’s become common among adaptable travel managers to hire a Charlotte executive car service for their executives. This ground transportation arrangement is not only more reliable than the taxis and ride-sharing services regarding guaranteeing convenience, comfort, and safety, but they’re also more practical to use since security and Duty of Care has become more and more critical issue nowadays. Affordable Towncar Service has the best executive fleet, Charlotte.

With many companies offering executive car services in Charlotte, choosing the best one can be a significant challenge, especially if you do not know the key things to look for. To help you out, here five essential questions you should ask before hiring a Charlotte executive car service.

1. Do You Have Valid Operating and Driver Licenses?

This is very crucial especially if you’re unversed with the regulations of the country you or your business associate intend to travel to. If the traffic police stop the executive car you hired and find out that the driver and the car are non-compliant with the regulations in Charlotte, they will impound the vehicle, leaving you stressed and anxious, and exposed to several potential risks.

Moreover, most airports have regulations regarding airport executive pickup services that can operate on their premises. Therefore, ensure that the local company you hire for airport transfer are in full compliance with the stringent airport regulations in Charlotte.

2. Do You Have a Proof of Valid Insurance Coverage?

A reliable executive car service provider won’t hesitate to provide you with a proof of valid insurance coverage of their best executive fleet, Charlotte. If possible, you need to contact their insurance company to get more details about the insurance policy the Charlotte executive car service provider carries. This way, the insurance company can notify you immediately if there are outstanding issues with the policy of the service provider you want to hire.

3. How Does Your Payment Process Work?

A convenient and efficient payment process is one of the critical indicators of a reliable executive car service, Charlotte. To understand their payment process and other crucial concerns regarding the payment for extra services, ask the following questions:

  •     Will I have to pay full amount upfront or is a deposit enough to make a booking?
  •     What is your cancellation period and do you offer full refunds if canceled before a specific date?
  •     What payment options do you offer?
  •     What facilities can I pay with a card once the ride is over, and do you include chauffeur’s tip in the quote that you give?
  •     In case of a long-distance journey, how much do you charge for the additional chauffeur?

4. How Will I Identify Your Chauffeur?

It is important to hire a Charlotte executive car service with well-trained, professional chauffeurs. All chauffeurs must have a valid driver’s license with no past criminal records and have attended training seminars where they learned the aspects of offering professional transportation service.

Once you verify the quality of their chauffeur, it is important to ask how you’ll identify them when you arrive at the airport. Ask whether the chauffeur will be wearing a distinctive, branded uniform, or if they’ll hold placards with their company’s logo and your name on it as you come through arrivals. Lastly, ask how and who do you contact should you, for any reason, have trouble identifying your chauffeur.

5. Why Should I Choose Your Services?

A reliable executive car service provider should be able to answer this crucial question with confidence.

With many companies offering attractive pricing packages, it’s important to choose a Charlotte executive car service with a great reputation so that you can reduce the headaches and hassle of business travels.

Fortunately, there’s a top-notch ground transportation company offering efficient, convenient and affordable executive car service Charlotte — Affordable Towncar Service. We hire friendly, professionally chauffeurs, along with talented travel specialists.

We have adopted proactive customer service to make it quick and easy for corporate travel managers to book our Charlotte executive car service for their executives.

Best Executive Fleet

Affordable Towncar Service has been offering executive car hire services for more than ten years and has set itself apart by providing the best executive fleet coupled with exceptional services at affordable rates.

Over the years, we’ve built a great reputation as a reliable executive car service provider and build a better understanding of the industry that ensures our services measure up to ever-changing customer needs and expectations in the industry.

For the Best Executive Fleet, Call us today at (704) 906-9010 to book your ride. You can also use our online contact form.

Best Executive Fleet

Best Executive Fleet